Chiropractic Is Health Insurance, Premiums Small, Dividends Large

In 1992 the Journal of American Health Policy reported that after reviewing data from over 2,000,000 users of chiropractic “Chiropractic users tend to have substantially lower total health care costs” and “chiropractic care reduces the use of both physician and hospital care.

In today’s uncertain health care marketplace, relying on your insurance company to provide coverage for the care that you really need, can lead you and your family down the road to health neglect. Letting insurance companies dictate your care is dangerous because insurance companies are in the business to make money, not to pay claims. You see, while many insurance plans claim to offer chiropractic coverage, they usually have strict limitations in coverage which have nothing to do with the care that you need. 

No one should be allowed to make decisions about your health care except yourself. Accountants and unlicensed personnel who don’t know you or your problems will never be able to dictate proper care for you. Therefore, we have chosen not to be a part of the managed care system and instead have chosen to give quality care at a fair price for all individuals.

Here at Superior Family Chiropractic we care and work for you. We are an independent office and are not directly affiliated with any insurance company, HMO or PPO. By reducing the amount of in-office paperwork we are able to reduce overhead costs and give more time for what really matters....You and Your Health!! Consequently, we can pass the savings on to our practice members, allowing us to care for a greater segment of the population, including the large percentage of people without health insurance. 

Some of our members have insurance coverage and are able to save even more money on their chiropractic health care. If you are not sure of your insurance coverage we can provide you with a list of questions to ask when you call your company to verify your coverage. We believe that every family and individual has the right to benefit from regular chiropractic care and this policy aids in achieving this goal.

As mentioned above, we also cater to the individual who wants to utilize their insurance coverage by providing the superbill plan. Under this payment method services are paid in full after they are delivered and a superbill (receipt with insurance codes) will be given to the patient to submit to their insurance company for reimbursement. The only document supplied will be the superbill. Documents not included in this plan are copies of medical records, completion of forms or questionnaires, writing of reports, and preparation of insurance bills. The pay as you go plan is best when insurance reimbursement is desired.

Pay as you go fee policy

Subluxation Exam

Myovision (SEMG)

X-ray Series






Our office also offers a payment plan which allow for a substantial savings on your care. Please inquire about this offer at our office. We accept Visa and MasterCard as well as personal checks and debit cards. You see, better health does not have to cost an arm and a leg. 

NOW ACCEPTING Care Credit! If you are interested in using Care Credit at our office, speak with one of the girls at the front desk to help you get started!