What is Chiropractic?

Nadja pretending to be a Chiropractor like mommy & daddy. She knows an adjustment will help her sister, Aryana, grow healthier & happier!

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Chiropractic is NOT an alternative to medicine. It is a separate and distinct approach to health, which is built on the premise that the body has a innate, or inborn ability to regulate itself.  The body is constantly striving to reach a better expression of health.  It is well known that the nervous system controls and regulates every function within the human body.  In order for a persons body to express its highest potential for health, it needs to have a healthy nervous system.  If there exists any stress or interference to this nerve system, the body will experience a reduced ability and capacity to express it’s true potential. 

How does stress or interference occur to the nervous system?

Any of the 24 bones within the spine can misalign (or subluxate) slightly and irritate the delicate nerves that exit between the spinal bones (or vertebrae) this is what is called a “Vertebral Subluxation.”  It is exactly this problem that chiropractors are trained to detect and correct, by the use of their hands.

What causes these bones to subluxate and interfere with the way our bodies express health?

Good question.  The single word answer is: “stress”.  This may come in three forms:  chemical (anything we eat, drink or breathe), physical (any physical trauma, small and large), and emotional (relationships, work, finances).  So, you see, it is fair to say that there is really no one in this world who is free from these daily stresses of life.  These forms of stress affect our spines and nervous systems and can cause the muscles around the spine to tighten, the tissues to become irritated and the bones to degenerate.  These bones protect and support the delicate nerves that exit in between them.  When a bone subluxates it impinges the opening where the nerve exits.  It is at this location where the nervous system is interfered with causing the body to no longer be able to express its optimum level of health. 

Chiropractic care is a safe and effective way of promoting better health and life potential.  It applies to the young and old, and anyone searching for better health. 

Any stress to your nervous system will interfere with the expression of optimal health.  Why wait one more day before having your spine checked for subluxations?  Call 482-2400 for your appointment, you stand only to improve your health!